PC Tuneup and optimization

It's a common-enough occurrence: You start out with a fast-moving, fresh computer but within months or years, you notice that it doesn't run or process data as quickly as it once did.

Part of the problem is simply data load: the more you put on your computer, the slower it runs. Debris, junk and clutter from the Internet make up another source of slow-down. Your computer can collect cookies, spyware and even viruses while online. And of course, with richer content comes larger file sizes. Together these factors can result in noticeable slow-downs.

What's the remedy? Basic maintenance, routine tune-ups and upgrades can all help keep your computer performing at top speeds.

Run Disk Cleanup to remove temporary files, get rid of optional components and empty the Recycle Bin.

Launch Disk Cleanup from Start Menu > Accessories > System Tools.

For the PC owners, basic maintenance can be easy. In All Home PCs are available with Automated PC TuneUp, a tool that helps manage regular PC maintenance. Designate the tasks you need it to take care of, and choose how often you'd like these tasks to run. Out of the above tasks, Automated PC TuneUp can :

  • Update your OS
  • Defragment your hard drive
  • Run Disk Cleanup

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