Pc Upgradation

Clear, expert advice for PC users of every stripe no matter how you use your PC - as a business tool, an entertainment center, or an Internet on-ramp - this latest edition of "The Complete PC Upgrade & Maintenance Guide" has you covered. Inside, you'll find the clear, expert advice on maintaining, upgrading, and troubleshooting for which this book is famous.

It's all updated to cover the latest technologies and guaranteed to help you extend the life and power of your PC. You also get targeted instruction on a wide range of entertainment upgrades - ways to enhance your enjoyment of music, photo, movies, and more. Coverage includes :

preventing hardware disasters; upgrading memory; replacing power supplies; partitioning drives using NTFS and FAT32; solving data backup challenges; protecting your PC from viruses, worms, and spyware; adding SCSI cards and drives; installing DVDs, CD-ROMs, and EIDE and Serial ATA hard drives; troubleshooting printers and scanners; installing communications devices; resolving mouse and keyboard problems; installing video and sound cards; tackling networking issues, both wired and wireless; troubleshooting Internet connectivity; solving laptop problems; capturing and editing video; managing music and image files; watching movies on DVD; and, getting the most out of new storage and networking technologies.

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