Software Upgradation

Pc gali is pleased to provide Hard Drive Data Recovery (the "Service" or "Services") for select products (the "Supported Products" as defined below) in accordance with this Service Description.Entitled Customers may request that the failed hard disk drive ("HDD") be sent for Hard Drive Data Recovery during the term of this agreement as indicated on the Customer's pc gali invoice.

This service includes :

  • Attempted data recovery from failed HDD.
  • Use of dust free clean room based on ISO 14644-1 clean room standards if necessary to rebuild the drive in order to recover data. HDD is carefully dismounted, examined and processed within customer's system level warranty. Atpc gali's discretion, the facility nearest to the customer will provide the recovery service. In those countries where HDD must be shipped to another country to reach the facility, the customer will be the importer/exporter of record. The facilities are available in selected locations worldwide.
  • At pc gali's discretion, recovered data will be provided to customer via USB Hard Disk Drive, USB Memory Stick, or other external media. Customer is able to monitor Hard Drive Data Recovery progress viapc gali's Data Protection portal.
  • Recovered data will be stored at the recovery labs for 30 days and then destroyed.

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